VANMASS Rotate Lock Suction Cup for Car Phone Mount

Commodity Description
  • Clean a flat dashboard surface with a wet tissue first, then dry it with a dry tissue.

  • ATTENTION: Please install the suction cup directly if the installation surface is smooth.

    --Firmly press the mount base to the surface attached, then【FULLY】rotate the safety lock from UNLOCK to LOCK icon while the force to the base lasts 

  • Use the enclosed adhesive pad(only for the Dashboard) following the instructions of the tips when the dashboard is textured.

    --The dashboard pad may be frozen and lose its stickiness at low temperatures. If the temperature is below 59℉/15℃, please warm up it(use the warm wind of the car air conditioner) to 61-95℉(20-35℃) to recover its stickiness before installation for the best performance.、

    --Keep pressing the dashboard pad on the dashboard for about 1min. Then leave the dashboard pad in place with no further disturbance for a minimum of one day, but ideally three days to achieve maximum adhesion.

  • After long periods of use, you may find that the suction cup becomes dirty and loses its adhesion. In this case, remove the suction cup, wash it with water, and dry it thoroughly before reapplying.

  • Please avoid exposing the bottom of this suction cup to direct sunlight for a long time (e.g. mounted on the windscreen in summer). When the surface temperature of the windscreen reaches 194°F (90°C), the adhesion of this suction cup will decrease and even melt.

  • Please do not install this suction cup or dashboard pad on a leather or textile dashboard since strong viscosity will easily cause damage to it.